Additional Services

Our Managed IT Services clients have access to technology consultants who can develop an educational technology strategy, execute on implementation projects, or staff the help desk.

Strategic Consulting

Our most experienced educational professionals have proven techniques to collaborate with all stakeholders at your school and deliver a sound, progressive statement of your technology goals. We will direct collaboration with faculty, administration, board members, and even students as you chart your course for the next five years.

Technology & Resource Plan

Once your goals are set, our senior consultants will help you create a prioritized series of detailed, phased projects that deliver. Your plans will include a balanced resource schedule and a budget that brings clarity and direction to your goals, aligning your resources with your vision, mission, and strategy.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

A sound backup plan must have clear objectives for recovering services and data in every disaster scenario. How long will it take to restore the most critical services, in which order should you do them, and where are you going to restore them? We have a tested process of working through your entire equipment, service, and server profile to develop a backup and disaster program that communicates to your senior stakeholders that you are in control of their valuable resources.

Educational Technology Audit

Knowing Technologies will review key technology systems, technology personnel, and technology management processes, provide a detailed report of the current status, and provide prioritized recommendations for remediation, compliance and standardization. This will give the school’s administrators an independent perspective of the ability of the school’s technologies to meet the current and future needs and mission of the school.

Educational Technology Accelerator

It’s not uncommon for schools to make significant technology investments only to find a semester later that not all faculty members are comfortable utilizing the new tools. We’ve crafted a semester-long EdTech Accelerator to help your school develop future tech leaders. Whether it’s embracing the use of new devices, getting faculty on board with a Learning Management System, or blending technology into the curriculum, this service will jumpstart the process. The EdTech Accelerator is facilitated by our former teachers that know what works in the classroom and how to modernize faculty professional development.