Instructional Technology Coaching

Our transformational professional development program helps teachers become masters of the digital space, able to seamlessly integrate technology with learning.

Relevant learning environments


By moving beyond traditional teaching strategies and adapting existing modes of instruction, teachers are guided toward a 21-century learning environment with new tools, platforms, and devices.

Student-centered classrooms


By shifting the focus of activity from the teacher to the learners, the teacher moves into a facilitator role while paying close attention to each student’s interests, abilities, and learning styles.

Professional development


By collaborating with us to effectively integrate technology into the classroom, educators not only shift their pedagogical approach, but also become instructional technology leaders at their school.

Our Collaborative Approach

Lasting the entire academic year, our program starts with developing an understanding of the school’s mission, educational philosophy, and technology infrastructure. We then tailor a plan — informed by current trends in instructional technology as well as nationally and state-recognized technology standards — that will foster continual growth, confidence, and technological fluency.

Customized action plan with measurable objectives
In-class support and implementation plan for new skills, tools, and devices
Weekly one-to-one personalized coaching sessions
Quarterly skills and techniques demonstrations by the teachers

Feedback from the Classroom

The program was far and away the best professional development I’ve ever done: it not only opened infinite possibilities for instruction but also allowed me to experiment with online approaches to learning and reinvigorated my teaching. Our meetings promoted innovation and an entirely new way of thinking about content delivery and education.

Sarah PaffEnglish Instructor, Santa Catalina School

Thank you for all the help and support you have given to me this year. It was really great to meet with you almost every week of the year to gain more knowledge, wisdom, and practice in using technology in the classroom.

Ed IbarraReligious Studies Teacher, Mercy High School Burlingame

I am SO grateful for the one-to-one coaching afforded to me by my tech coach. I have learned so much and I appreciated the opportunity to collaborate and brainstorm how to use new websites and apps to support and enhance the curriculum.

Lydia MansourPre-K Teacher, Santa Catalina School

I have never felt more excited about teaching or more supported than I have this year and there is little doubt that my positive experience has improved my teaching, and therefore, my student’s learning.

Kirk DemlingerMath Teacher, Mercy High School Burlingame

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