Message from Knowing Technologies Regarding the Covid-19 threat

Planning for an emergency at a school means that you are ready in the eventuality that you have to react to a condition that alters your ability to teach, provide care for your students, manage people, and run the business required to keep the school operational.

Ideally the plan is never needed, but preparation is essential, but the risk of having to react to a major emergency with no plan is too great for most schools to ignore.

We have provided the information in the attached pages to assist you in the planning, and to consult during an emergency that threatens to close your school. The emergency facing us at the moment is the threat of spread of the COVID-19 virus into school communities or individuals within the school community.

Technology providers, including instructional leaders, technology leaders, consultants and service providers, must consider these aspects in that preparation:

What are the emergency contingencies that we must be prepared for?

How, and for how long, will school continue to operate if students are unable to come?

How will we communicate within school leadership teams, and to the greater school community during, and prior to, an emergency closure?

What management structure contingencies need to be made in case leaders and key staff are unavailable?

The answers to these questions will be the foundation of your Emergency Preparedness and Operation plan.

Instruction and Instructional Tools

How to prepare for and continue a productive environment in the event of school closures or an interruption in the school day’s.

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Knowing Technologies Clients: Technical Support and Managed Services

We have a detailed plan already mapped out to ensure our services to you stay operational.

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