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Operating costs at schools are getting riskier and costlier to manage. The tax of employing and managing these skills in-house is huge. Knowing Technologies acts as your educational technology consultant and aids schools in creating deliberate and valuable technology plans so you can save money and realize your technology goals.

Ongoing support goes a long way toward accomplishing these goals. Teachers want someone alongside them with the skills to execute these plans so technology can be used efficiently and effectively. We all go further when we travel this road together.

The KT Way

  • We believe in the transformative power of education and actively explore that arena to deepen our understanding of the customers we serve
  • We share acquired knowledge to elevate others and multiply our effectiveness.
  • We create pathways for learning inside KT to promote growth, problem-solving, and resilience.
  • We think before we move, anticipating the consequences of our action or inaction. We look ahead and light the path forward.
  • We own our actions and what they can teach us.
  • We are willing and able to take initiative.
  • We create memorable customer experiences, acting ethically, enthusiastically, and professionally.
  • We invest time building trusting relationships and developing sincere appreciation for each other.
  • We are active listeners and informed speakers.
  • We model our commitment to others with clear and appropriate expectation-setting, information-sharing, follow-through, and helpful responsiveness.
  • We focus on our purpose to accomplish important work, together.
  • We encourage clever resourcefulness and ingenuity.
  • We keep ourselves agile by minimizing complexity and finding ways to simplify.

Why we exist

The cost of maintaining high-level IT and technology strategy skills in-house is a huge financial burden for most schools. That’s why we help schools create technology plans that add real value for their students and teachers, and provide them with coaching, training, and IT support so technology can be used efficiently and effectively.

Our full team

Tom Wildman

Founder & CEO

Jim Pucetti

Director of Customer Solutions & Success

Gabe Schwarzer

Director of Customer Care

Kevin McDonald

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Justin Bennett

Principal Engineer

Hunter Mitchell

Technical Account Manager

Austin Holmes

Technical Account Manager

Ken Hirsch

Technical Account Manager

Jeff Des Jarlais

Senior Engineer

JC Martin

Technical Engineer

David Tenisi

Field Engineer

Lucy Yeghiazaryan

Field Engineer

Richie Culver

Support Engineer

Stephanie Mendrala

Instructional Innovation Coach

Chrystal Hoe

Instructional Innovation Coach

Jorge Nuñez

Service Desk Manager

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