About Us

From highly skilled network engineers to experienced instructional experts, we can solve any problem with immediacy and efficacy, so you can focus on what’s most important: teaching and learning.

We are a team of:

 Wifi Experts

 Network Engineers

 Instructional Leaders

 Technology Strategists

 Technology Process Experts

5 ways we help schools resolve their tech issues

Future-looking technology solutions at a fixed, affordable monthly cost

Always-on campus wide wifi, firewalls, security, and information security plans

On-site system services and support with 24/7 monitoring and rapid response

An innovative teacher-development program that helps educators become masters of the digital space

A knowledgeable support staff offering the right expertise when and where it’s needed

Leadership Team


Tom Wildman

Founder & Principal

I have been in technology services delivery for more than 25 years and in education technology for nearly 10. I served as Director of Technology at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton where I built an extensive technology program from the ground up. During that time, I saw that schools were individually reinventing educational technology systems, but did not always have the resources and know-how to efficiently implement them. I formed Knowing Technologies with the idea of providing schools personalized access to the most advanced technology projects implemented by skilled and knowledgeable professionals.


Jeff Des Jarlais

Principal, Technical Services

After receiving my Masters degree from Stanford University, I served as an officer in the US Army in Iraq, providing operations support and intelligence with advanced technology. Prior to joining Knowing Technologies, I filled a variety of critical technology roles at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton, including SIS and database management, server management, level 3 troubleshooting, and network support. I am passionate about educational technology and communicate well with our clients in order to implement the best solutions possible to complicated technology projects.

Dr. Moss Pike

Director of Strategy

After spending 8 years teaching Latin at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, where he served as MS Dean of Faculty and helped to both launch and support the school’s 1:1 program, Dr. Moss Pike assumed the role of Director of Educational Technology at Vistamar School to build a computer science department and be a member of the school’s senior leadership team, while also implementing a BYOL program. In addition to his mentorship work with the Google Certified Innovator program and design coaching experience with Teachers Guild, Moss has also spent time as board president for the CUE Los Angeles affiliate and board secretary for the Beacon School for Boys.

Jim Puccetti

Director, Teacher Development and Instructional Design

Before joining Knowing Technologies, I spent eight years as a secondary level science teacher and an instructional technology leader at De La Salle High School. I received my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at the University of San Francisco, where I created a model that teachers could use to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms. I have presented in a variety of conferences across California and have garnered both Apple and Google certifications along the way. When I teamed up with Knowing Technologies, I began building the Instructional Technology division of the company. I designed a coaching program that addresses many of the challenges associated with most traditional professional development models -- and I am proud to say that the results have been the catalyst for pedagogical transformation for all participating teachers.

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