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Our program begins with a carefully designed teacher selection process that is constructed jointly between your administrative team and an instructional technology coach (ITC). The ideal teacher candidates for this program is a novice or intermediate technology user who is particularly interested in professional growth, is excited to critically examine their own pedagogy, and is looking for new technological approaches to their curriculum.

Once the teachers are selected, our instructional technology coach will meet with each teacher individually to develop a teacher profile. This profile will be generated through the use of a self-assessment and questionnaire. During this initial meeting, the coach will be gathering important information regarding each teacher’s pedagogy, including their current degree of technology use, and how they envision further integrating technology into their courses. Once the teacher profile is constructed, the coach will then get to work on developing an action plan for the upcoming semester.

Before the school year starts, the coach will set up training sessions with your teachers to start the semester successfully. In addition, your teachers will need to share pieces of their curriculum that they would like help with modifying. For the program to be the most successful, your ITC will need to have this material as early as possible so that there is enough time to rethink and redesign curricular pieces.

Getting started with instructional technology coaching is easy, fun and extremely impactful compared with traditional professional development options.

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