Building a Culture of Professional Learning at Mercy Burlingame

Lauren Conklin is the Assistant Head of School for Academics at Mercy Burlingame, an all-girls Catholic school in Burlingame, CA founded in 1931 and sponsored by the Mercy Education System of the Americas. The school enrolls about 400 young women in grades 9-12 and aims to prepare its students to become compassionate and successful leaders driven by intellectual curiosity, critical thinking abilities, and self-confidence. Lauren’s role at Mercy involves supervising [...]

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Engaging Students with Maria Canteli

Maria Canteli has been teaching Spanish at the Santa Catalina School for the past 12 years and currently teaches grades 7-8. Santa Catalina, a PreK-12 independent school in Monterey, CA, has a robust device program that provides Chromebooks for students in grades 4-8 and MacBooks and iPads for faculty, while inviting students to bring their own laptops at the high school level. Accordingly, the school relies heavily on GSuite and [...]

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Instructional Collaboration with April Garcez

For the last 3 years, April Garcez has been teaching theology and social studies to sophomores at Mayfield Senior High, an independent, all-girls Catholic school in Pasadena, CA offering grades 9-12. The school enrolls about 330 girls and emphasizes good teaching with a progressive approach to learning blended into its rich tradition within the city of Pasadena. Their technology program is centered around a BYOD model, in which students can [...]

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Instructional Technology Coaching

Knowing Technologies was founded in 2008 to provide network technology services and infrastructure support for independent schools in California, including wifi, firewalls, information security, and backup and disaster recovery plans. As we helped clients build more robust and reliable network systems, we discovered that many of our schools also had a need for more meaningful instructional support. Traditional professional development for educators typically consists of off-site workshops and conferences offering [...]

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