Stand-Out Classroom Experiences

Coherent Instructional Tech Philosophy

Improved Learning

Stand-Out Classroom Experiences

Coherent Instructional Tech Philosophy

Improved Learning

We help you develop a cohesive technology strategy for your school

A solid tech backbone and clear roadmap lay the right foundation, but what do you do if the classroom experience looks completely different from your original vision? We’ll help you create a cohesive strategy and provide ongoing consulting to execute — even when things don’t go as expected. When you have the right plan in place, you’re able to translate your school’s vision into technology experiences that bring the classroom to life, and everyone teachers, students, and parents—are better served because of it.

Without a clear technology plan
you’re already behind. That’s bad
news for your enrollment.

Schools have a complicated relationship with technology. Investments without a clear strategy often lead to little or no improvement for the classroom experience. Students are disengaged, and teachers revert to outdated instructional methods because they don’t know how to use more relevant technology effectively.

How our
process works

We work closely with schools to develop a clear and cohesive plan to best use technology and improve outcomes for your students.

Expertise + Experience

We’re former educators and administrators who understand how it feels when your school’s goals don’t line up with the classroom experience. We also know how it feels when you don’t have a plant to fix it.

Since 2006, we have helped nearly 100 schools implement the right technology solutions. Our consulting team works with you to create an instructional philosophy that aligns your vision with the classroom experience. Now you can close the gap between what parents and students want and your school’s offerings.

A few outcomes you can expect

  • 2-yr technology blueprint to bring instructional vision to life

  • Measurable objectives to assess progress and improvements

  • Agile teaching strategies that support virtual, visual and experiential learners

  • Dedicated project manager to guide and implement plans

  • And more…

Looking for technology
peace of mind?

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Let us help you develop a clear plan and equip your team to execute it