Relevant, Engaging
Learning Environments

Classroom Experiences
Students Crave

Professional Development
For Teachers

Relevant, Engaging
Learning Environments

Classroom Experiences
Students Crave

Professional Development
For Teachers

We help you enhance learning and build teacher confidence with technology

Teachers are always being told they should do more to incorporate technology into their classrooms, but they’re frustrated by the lack of support and the training to do it effectively. Our coaching provides an ongoing support system to explore higher level learning strategies so teachers can understand how to best utilize their classroom technology. We supplement that coaching with training to provide concrete, practical ways to implement those strategies on a day-to-day basis. Finally, a technology strategy that works for teachers.

If teachers are not supported and empowered to use it, instructional technology falls flat.

The everyday demands of teaching make it difficult for classroom educators to keep up with changing technology and instructional strategies. Teachers can’t always afford to spend time figuring out how to use new tech tools on their own. Knowing Technologies provides a safe space for teachers to learn not just how, but why, allowing them to stay innovative, while promoting new methods and tools so that students never miss out on important learning opportunities.

Our collaborative approach

Spanning the entire academic year and supplemented by summer opportunities, our program starts with developing an understanding of the school’s mission, educational philosophy and technology infrastructure. We then tailor a plan — informed by current trends in instructional technology and state-recognized technology standards — that will foster continual growth, confidence and technological fluency.

  • Training teachers to use technology in the classroom.

  • Year-round cohort coaching model with one-to-one and group sessions
  • Customized learning plans with measurable objectives
  • Workshops and trainings to share best practices and help teachers become masters of the digital space
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with other schools
  • Continued education on emerging technologies and instructional strategies

Personalized professional

We are educators, coaches, and former administrators who understand that teachers want to sharpen their skills and techniques, but often don’t know how to do it.

We’ve spent the last 15 years working exclusively with schools to implement the right technology solutions for them. Our instructional coaches will work with you and your teaching teams to expand their digital toolkits and create learning experiences that support all learners as masters of the digital space.

A few outcomes you can expect

  • Classroom experiences—even virtually—students crave
  • Confident, trained staff with leveled up tech skills
  • Best-in-class lesson plans that work in any environment
  • School mission tangibly linked to instruction
  • Improved learning outcomes and increased enrollment

Program process map


Discover learning gaps and identify critical learning goals. We help identify where you are, then plan how to get where you want to be.


Employ tools and instructional methods that use technology to support classroom goals. Reflect, refine, and share lessons learned in an open space with your peers.

Deliver Best-in-Class Instruction

Propagate your digital repository to elevate learning across your school and connect with broader teacher networks.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what other schools say…

“KT’s approach with the teacher cohort is a powerful component.They work directly with the teachers to help the students be creators with technology rather than consumers. Each meeting with the KT coach left the teachers with something new to try to support the educational goals. They were excited to implement each new skill or strategy and regularly shared with their peers.”
Peter Estacio, Chief Technology Officer, St. Mary's Academy

Hear for yourself what teachers say about Knowing Technologies Coaching and Training

Partnerships & Conferences

Be confident in your team’s ability to use technology to provide a richer learning environment

Let us help you develop a clear plan and equip your team to execute it