COVID Tech Support

Creating an Educational Continuity Plan

As schools are preparing for possible closures in response to growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, a wide variety of resources have been created and shared within teaching communities. But despite the wealth of tool-based support in the educational community, not all schools have been able to create an instructional-based response, should the crisis force closure of the school. For this reason, Knowing Technologies recommends that schools take the [...]

2021-01-25T12:58:18-08:00March 10, 2020|

Creating a safer technology workspace

With the threat of COVID-19 being present in schools, we are implementing new procedures to reduce the opportunity for the virus to spread because of behaviors common in technology support. Both students and teachers frequent the support desk, and we usually provide service that includes our handling of the device presented. We recommend you consider the following changes in procedures too. STAY HOME if you are feeling ill. There is [...]

2021-03-31T12:01:29-08:00March 9, 2020|
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