Spark Sessions: Teacher Centered AI Tutorials: Eduaide

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AI is revolutionizing teaching by enhancing efficiency, fostering creativity and personalize learning experiences. Join us as we look at our favorite AI for education tools. In each of these sessions we will look at different tools like Magic School, Eduaide and School AI to show you some best practices teachers use when creating and planning.

*A Spark Session is a one-hour interactive session on zoom. during which participants will be exposed to a range of instructional tools and strategies that will be sure to Spark some creative ideas and excitement. Four Spark Sessions will be offered the month of July and one in August. Each Spark Session will be presented live and then will be available on demand for a limited period of time.  All sessions are 9-10am PST. Once you login, you will have access to the all the live sessions that will be recorded as well!

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