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A professional learning community (PLC) is not a new concept in the field of education. In fact, it is widely considered as a way of operating rather than a thing.  PLCs can play an integral role in any school and have the power to build a shared value of continuous improvement.

“So why don’t all schools have professional learning communities?”

As many educators have experienced, the major challenge associated with producing a high quality professional learning community is the struggle to manage it for an extended amount of time. Great enthusiasm around new ideas can be quickly lost without the proper structure and time allowances for its members.

“So what can we do to solve this common problem?”

A Personalized Learning Network (PLN) is a solution to this problem. A PLN is an online collaborative forum for educators to connect, collect, and communicate with their colleagues and the larger educational community. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Here are a few other reasons why every school should be considering a PLN:

  • It will connect teachers to a larger network of educators beyond their school walls.
  • It provides teachers a flexible and modern approach to a professional learning community.
  • It will help teachers stay connected to the most relevant and up-to-date content in education.
  • It will provide teachers a platform to easily share and collect new resources, tools, and real-life examples of how specific instructional technologies can be applied to their classes.

Interested in learning how to setup a Personalized Learning Network at your school?

Knowing Technologies will build a PLN for your faculty as an extension to their Instructional Technology Coaching Program. Click here to learn more about this personalized coaching program.

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Author Jim Puccetti

Before joining Knowing Technologies, I spent eight years as a secondary level science teacher and an instructional technology leader at De La Salle High School. I received my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at the University of San Francisco, where I created a model that teachers could use to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms. I have presented in a variety of conferences across California and have garnered both Apple and Google certifications along the way. When I teamed up with Knowing Technologies, I began building the Instructional Technology division of the company. I designed a coaching program that addresses many of the challenges associated with most traditional professional development models -- and I am proud to say that the results have been the catalyst for pedagogical transformation for all participating teachers.

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